Flexibility is the key to success


What does it mean to be flexible for an advertising agency? The world is digitizing, advertising budgets are changing, and communication requirements are another right now. We at Rebell believe that flexibility in work, and flexibility in finding solutions is one of the key factors in the effectiveness of modern advertising.

1. Forget the old rules and create new ones.

We always ask ourselves what is behind the brief. Not what tasks to be done, e.g. identity or commercial video, but what goals we need to achieve. Currently, we can see that the classic approach of creating a campaign as a commercial, key visual, and audio advertising is a thing of the past. We understand that sometimes a functional stand, changes in the CJM, a podcast, or a social media challenge will work better than a bus stop poster with a new CTA. We are looking for new channels to touch the target audience, which is also dynamically changing its behavior and habits. And we adapt to these changes.

2. Look at the possibilities of the budget, not at its limitations.

Budgets are different, big and small, and even very small. But the modern world of communications allows us to find solutions in all cases. Launch advertising campaigns from social network pages, the guerilla campaigns with outdoor activations for small funds. Making the most of your social profile, multiplied by the knowledge of your audience, can bring fruit even with small costs. The main thing, in this case, is not to reduce the quality of work. And this is how recognizable communications are born.

3. Don't say "no" but ask "how?"

If the client wants to replace the black dog with a white one in the middle of the shooting process, then we will ask ourselves where to find a new dog. We do not tell the client that the dog has been agreed upon, that the budget has already been outlined, and that the logistics will be difficult. At the beginning we ask ourselves, is it possible to do? If the answer is "yes", we just look for the easiest way to complete the task. As our experience shows, in most cases, small and large complex tasks can be completed, you just need to put small effort into it. As a result, everybody will be satisfied.

4. Engage all your own force.

Every team member is a whole universe of contacts, things, and stories. And skills of course. By involving these universes in the work, you get the opportunity to save on the budget, create craft things, and find ones that cannot be ordered. Sometimes it makes it possible to create something faster and of better quality than waiting for a long time for a supplier and service. The same white dog from the previous example can be your friend's dog. It is possible to paint the murals on the walls with your own hands. Borrow a chair from the manager's mother. The art director can look good in a secondary role in the video. And the administrator can become the star of the corporate TikTok. We do not limit ourselves.

5. Be open and honest

This applies not only to the agency's side but also to clients'. We always tell our clients what we really think. Which tools and solutions will be effective, and which ones are not? What do people really think about the product and what is missing in communication? We are open to negotiating budgets, and the client's task is to be just as open with us. And we accept this sincerity, it strengthens our partnership.

For us, flexibility means not being afraid of change. We look forward to the future as an adventure that, due to constant changes in conditions, becomes more and more interesting.