Design and advertising defines your brand!


Creating a brand is not an easy task; and unless its marketed rights, you cannot bring it to its full potential. In this blog, we are about to grasp the details of Marketing, Advertising, Designing, and its value to branding.

Designing for your brand isn’t about making things pretty, every design has a purpose. The common misconception of graphic designing is that it makes things look good. But in reality, its purpose is to convert the right message about your brand to customers through visual language. Let's say brand colours, food serving companies like McDonald's and KFC use of colours like yellow and red because these colours can stimulate hunger. The fonts, typography, shapes, and virtual emojis are used with incredible precision to simulate the subconscious mind to make conscious decisions about your product. The design gives an identity to your brand that people in a market, or on a road can see and quickly Identify you. A visible red colour bill board with a cool drink bottle will give a flash in mind about not just any brand but Coca-Cola.

While the design is the face of your brand, Advertising is your platform to reach your potential customers. As by the words of Henry Ford “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”, one must know the value of advertising. Advertisements can be done through any forms like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, Social media, Radio, Television, and many others. A good advertisement works as a positive fuel to your company, for e.g. as we see the brand colour in Coca-Cola make them unique, they also captured people’s hearts by some fascinating advertisement campaigns using Santa Claus and building a familiarity with their audiences and make them more cheerful while drinking a Coke. This Advertisement alone elevated the brand value of Coca-Cola until the end of the 20th century.

Your business goals can be achieved easily once you know how to leverage brand value. Even a godlike product could fail in hitting its aim, at the same time a temperate product can reach its heights by creating  brand value by its side. A brand value which will be created by the company’s unique advertisement strategy along with right designs can build an empire even on a hazy sky.

At Rebell Studio, we strive everyday to provide you with the true brand value via design and advertising. We understand the responsibility and take good care in making sure that every work we do it's keeping YOU and YOUR BRAND as our first priority.

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