Awaken Mindspace in yourself. Video & photo production for global marketing campaign.

global outdoor & digital campaign

You just need to dream if you want something to happen.

Awaken Mindspace in yourself is the biggest global campaign we’ve done till now as Rebell Studio.
The Mindspace team and company culture are unique. We have never felt so much trust from the start in our previous collaborations. The best part is that thanks to Mindspace we also learned so much. Such a partnership is a dream way to cooperate in the client-agency relationship. 
This coworking space is open for creativity, but most of all for people - colorful, various, with open minds…

The campaign we produced consisted of 3 video spots and a series of image photos. The campaign has its opening in dozens of cities - e.g. in London, Utrecht, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, New York etc. It’s online and offline campaign.

MINDSPACE - video#1
MINDSPACE - video#2
MINDSPACE - video#3
MINDSPACE - video#4
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